Winterslow Village Hall Salisbury


Supply or the sale of alcohol at your event

The Village hall is subject to the provision of the Licensing Act 2003 and the Hirer must at all times comply with the Act and all its amendments.

In addition, please note that the following restrictions apply:
Under no circumstances must alcohol be served to under 18-year olds.
Alcohol must not be served to anyone showing clear signs of drunkenness
Drinking in the car park area is prohibited at all times
Drinking outside is confined to the patio and rear lawn area and is only allowed if:
You are supplying alcohol free of charge.
You have applied for your own Temporary Events Notice (TEN) and requested outside drinking. More details below. (The Village Hall licence does not include or allow outside drinking).
Only plastic glasses to be used for outside areas.
Any breach of the regulations can result in the sale of alcohol being stopped immediately by a member of the Hall Committee, the Council or the Police.

Supply of alcohol free of charge

No special arrangements are necessary if:

The hirer runs a free bar.
A number of close friends can decide to share the cost of running a free bar.
Guests to an event bring their own alcohol.
Please note: At no time during such an event must alcohol be sold.
Under these conditions, alcohol can be consumed outside but is restricted to the rear lawn and patio area. Plastic glasses must be used. Drinking in the car park area is prohibited.

Sale of alcohol

Special arrangements are necessary if you are selling alcohol at your event, even if it is an event only for relatives and close friends or if the price of the ticket includes an alcoholic drink.

Under these conditions there are two options:

Option 1

The Hirer can run the bar under the premises licence held by the Hall Committee. Hirers are required to apply for a licence (at a cost of £15.00) at the time of booking. Written permission will then be provided to the organiser of the event and this written permission must be available at the event. The Committee reserve the right to refuse a licence.

Under this licence the consumption of alcohol is strictly confined to the premises and cannot be consumed in any of the outside areas.

Option 2

The Hirer applies for a TEN which can be obtained from Wiltshire Council. For more information and to apply for a TEN go to

The application should be sent to the Council no later than 10 clear working days before the event takes place as you MUST have the licence in place before the event.
You must supply the hall booking clerk with a copy of the licence (TEN) prior to the event and the licence must be displayed at the event.
The person who applied for the TEN and is named on the application, is legally responsible for the sale of alcohol.
This notice allows you to sell alcohol at the Hall and if you have requested to do so in the application, you can consume alcohol outside but is restricted to the rear lawn and patio area. Drinking in the car park area is prohibited. Plastic glasses must be used.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of TENs that will be granted to people holding events in the village hall each year, therefore, this option may not be available.

Important: The Police, Council Licencing officers, or the Village Hall Committee, can check at any time during the event to confirm rules are being observed. Should there be evidence of non-compliance and breach of Licencing regulations, the event will be terminated.